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Edward Snowden is a CIA emplyee who worked as a contractor (Booz Allen Hamilton) for the NSA. He leaked top secret information to the public via the Guardian about the NSA's spying programs. He flew from Hawaii (where he was stationed) to Hong Kong, where he met with reporters. He ended up in Russia.



  • AKA: @Snowden
  • TEAMS: (?)

Army (2004), University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language (founded in 2003 as a Department of Defense-affiliated research center) (2005), In 2007, he said, the CIA posted him for two years to Geneva, Switzerland, to maintain security for the agency's computer network.

2009, he said, he left the CIA to work as a contractor at an NSA facility on a military base in Japan.

Dell Sometime that year, Snowden moved to Honolulu. In March this year, he took a job with Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contractor, as an infrastructure analyst at the NSA's huge mountaintop facility on Oahu. He rented a single-story blue bungalow in Waipahu, an upscale suburb 10 miles from the NSA facility. Supporters Laura Poitras



  • Discharged after 4 months in the army; no record he completed basic training.
  • among other intelligence secrets he claimed to know — the locations of every CIA base overseas and identities of its undercover officers is unclear
  • Donated $500 to Ron Paul (2012)

Rear Admiral Edward Joseph Barrett is a flag officer in the United States Coast Guard Serving as Chief of Systems of the United States Coast Guard serving from 1996-1999

He stole, or as the House Intelligence Committee says, “removed,” 1.5 million files, some of which had as many as 32,000 pages. He took a massive amount of communication and signal intelligence: more than anyone in history has ever taken before. These included 900,000 military documents involving submarines, drones, planes, cyberwarfare — that had nothing to do with whistleblowing. 
he didn’t tell the reporters, these reporters who almost became like the prophets of a religion, was that he had met with officials of the Russian government. How do we know that? It’s because Vladimir Putin, of all people, decided to disclose that Snowden had met with Russian officials in Hong Kong before he was granted asylum. We know that he was in contact with the Russians, and he didn’t disclose that.

According to local real estate agents, they moved out of their home on May 1, 2013




http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/i/MSNBC/Sections/NEWS/nsa-snowden.pdf https://intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_snowden_review_-_unclass_summary_-_final.pdf (9/15/2016)

His entire family worked for the government. His grandfather, Edward Barrett, was an admiral in the Coast Guard, and then worked for a CIA joint task force. Then he had a high position in the FBI. His father was a member of the Coast Guard. His mother worked for a court in Maryland. His sister worked for the Federal Judicial Center. Everyone in his family worked for the government, so it wasn’t surprising that he would look for a government job.

Deputy Director of the NSA Richard Ledgett described one of those files as “the keys to the kingdom:” It contained every gap in American coverage of Russia. That file gave whomever obtained it a road map to everything the United States, Britain, and Israeli intelligence was doing. All of the sources had to be closed down. The NSA was shut down in a large part of its coverage of adversary nations, which included North Korea, China, and Russia.

Now the question comes is what damage is done when the NSA